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Build & Burn

Don’t miss out on this one of a kind priced program. Great value for everything that you will receive. This program is not a cookie cutter program it is still customized to your goals!

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What if we told you that eating more of the right foods will in fact help you lose weight? 

Fat loss actually favours both a faster metabolism and a healthy body. I always say to my clients focus on health and fat loss will follow because it really is true and I have proof through my clients that this works! 
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Fat loss begins when our metabolism is fast and our hormones are balanced. Mainly our thyroid hormone - Triiodothyronine or T3, as it is our T3 that regulates our metabolic rate and is associated with changes in our body weight and energy levels. When our metabolism is fast, our energy becomes high and our hormones are then balanced. When our metabolism is slow weight loss is difficult. 

Eating more of the right foods in the right amounts will actually get us leaner.  It will also eliminate bloating, cellulite and cravings. When we give our body the foods it needs, it should no longer crave that food. Foods like fruits, dairy (if you can eat dairy of course), real sourdough bread, organic butter, eggs, yoghurt and good quality dark chocolate. Our bodies need nutrients which should mainly come from whole foods not only calories.

The Maximum Build & Burn program’s focus is on improving metabolism by keeping hormones balanced. Eating the right foods in the right amounts will in fact help to increase our metabolic rate, balance hormones and reduce cortisol. In the end you will be happier, eating more, sleeping better, become healthier and will be getting leaner as a result. 


  • Optimize your metabolism

  • Foods that help balance hormones 

  • Easy to digest meals 

  • Reduce bloating and inflammation 

  • Nourishing, great tasting, balanced

  • Foods that will give you energy 

  • Easy to make meal PREP

  • Reduce cravings 

  • Improved sleep

12 Weeks Of Fat Loss & Muscle Building Coaching - Work Directly With Me

  • Assessment/Enrolment Package. 

  • Customized nutrition plans based on your lifestyle and goals - suggested vitamin, mineral and supplement list if needed.

  • Customized training plans based on your need and training style and goals. Weight Training, Metabolic Conditioning and CrossFit style training plans created for you and your chosen activity 

  • Accountability Sheets/BVA Sheets to track your progress and submit for evaluation. BIA Reading for local clients is included. 

  • Monthly accountability check-ins directly with me. 

  • Mobility and stretching component also included with the frequency, when and how long you should be doing them for.


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You don’t have to worry about counting macros or calories. It is all done for you by your coaches!
It makes life way easier for you. When you fill out the enrollment you will be listing the foods you like, dislike, have an intolerance or allergy to. We will never give you foods that you can not eat or do not like. 


You will be eating the whole foods that you eat not anything that you do not eat.
There are no eliminations of entire food groups - it is a health first approach which works by keeping your hormones balanced.  

You do not need to spend crazy excessive hours in the gym to see results.
With the right amount of training and nutrition in the right amount at the right time the results will happen. 

This is created for anyone wanting to see results and kickstart a solid nutrition and training lifestyle, commit to their health, wanting accountability and to prevent or break any bad habits 

         meal windows are built into your nutrition plans 

Whether you workout at home, in a weight room by yourself, attend Bootcamp or CrossFit classes a few times a week, this program will be created to help you maximize your time to get results. We can include extra training if you would like to do more at home we can add it in for you if it fits into what you already do!


  • Do I need a gym membership?
    No. We will go over what you can do at home. There is a lot that you can do without any type of Membership. However if you do have a gym membership or go to classes we will definitely have more to work with!
  • Are the foods easy to find at my grocery store?
    YES! The foods and meals that I suggest can be bought at your local grocery store.
  • What if I have a bad knee or a bad shoulder, can I still do this?"
    YES! As long as your Doctor has not said otherwise we will work around/and away from those injuries. There is still lots most people can do.
  • How much fat loss and weight can I expect to lose in 8-10Weeks?
    Healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. However I have had many clients through the years lose anywhere from 2-8 pounds in 2 weeks. Building muscle helps us to burn fat. This is because muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does. Increasing our muscle mass is a key factor in losing fat and weight loss. It is absolutely possible to lose 10-20 or even 30 pounds in 8-10 weeks. It all comes down to your consistency - in following what you are given, with the right training and nutrition program that is built for only you. Rate of fat loss can depend on hormone levels like estrogen and cortisol. Losing anywhere from 0.5-1% of fat per week is the expected average for most people.
This is a customized Program. Email for Pricing


There is a lot of flexibility with your starting date - you get to decide your start date.

 Click below to begin.

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