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- it's a lifestyle

Great nutrition and fitness does not have an end date


CLIENTS FIRST is the way I choose to operate my Nutrition Coaching business. I am very happy to make myself accessible and to give my clients the attention they deserve. My days are mostly spent answering client emails and messages, creating nutrition plans, working on any continuing nutrition education that I am doing and getting in my own meals and training.

If you are looking for a full on Nutrition Coach who you can have full accessibility to, then this is the difference that you will experience when you become a client of mine. If you are looking to see results my nutrition coaching program is result focused with goal setting. It is customized for any and every lifestyle whether you exercise or not.

- CYoung

Expert in Fitness, Sports Nutrition

Weight Transformation & Wellness Counselling

Certified Nutrition Coach & 
Owner of Cheryl Young Lifestyle


All You Need to Know

A Nutrition Coach can be seen as a master of nutrition application. Helping, guiding and supporting clients to get to a result by applying nutrition knowledge to where they are falling short. 

If I don’t exercise can a Nutrition Coach still help me? 

Nutrition Coaching is for anyone who truly wants to be healthy and stay that way for the rest of their life ~ feel better, have more energy, lose weight, lose body fat and for those who want to also build physical strength and confidence. Physical wellness is essential for living a better and fuller life at every age. Nutrition Coaching is not only for the fit and active but for unwell or inactive people. Many clients who come to me don’t exercise routinely but once they have their new found energy that nutrition coaching has given them, they in some small way have introduced some sort of activity. 

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