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Program and Pricing

Orthomolecular Nutrition Program

  • Thorough intake is done to evaluate and consider every aspect of your health and lifestyle.

  • Individualized programs are created that encompass whole foods, supplementation if required, and include a lifestyle and fitness component, depending on your needs.

  • Program design are unique to each individual, based on health complaints, needs, and goals.



  • The Intake Session comprises of 1 1/2 sessions (90 minutes), it is a thorough look at your your health and lifestyle, past and present and anthropometrics.

  • Follow up appointments are 60-minutes and 30 minutes, to track progress, provide on-going accountability and support, and to make adjustments to your plan along the way when required.


Orthomolecular Nutrition

ROHP Intake Session & Anthropometric Assesement: $300 + HST


60 Minute Follow-Up Session: $140 + HST


30 Minute Follow-up: $70 + HST

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