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My mission is to help others see the strength they have within themselves, to overcome resilience to whatever life brings through optimal health and wellness.

I have been practicing nutrition coaching since 2012 and I was previously certified as a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition with the ISSA. I now specialize in orthomolecular health. This encompasses an individualized approach to nutrition in maintaining and restoring, the biochemistry and physiology in the body for optimum health and well-being. I have an excellent ability to educate clients on healthy eating. I am a health-conscious person and personally live a lifestyle that encompasses whole-food nutrition, fitness and a respect for nature. 


Whole foods contain nutrients that can assist our body  to heal when eaten in the right combination. Eating to maintain optimal health is easier than we may think, and it does not have to mean being restrictive and dieting. Understanding how our body works and what it needs to be healthy is necessary to know, so that we can be mindful of our choices. We are all biochemically unique and this is why all nutrition plans are individualized. My approach takes you away from what may be trending, fad diets, supplements that replace whole foods, and extreme exercising. We start with a thorough Intake with assessments, and set goals that I will work together with you to achieve. The end result is a sustainable outcome that you can maintain on your own once you have reached your goals. Only then will you have a true connection with your health and understand the negative factors that have impacted it. You will learn so much on this great journey to optimal wellness and longevity, as this program aims to educate you so that you will understand how powerful and healing whole foods are. The knowledge, guidance and support I offer you, will help you to reach your goals, live healthier and own your decisions.

I am a Mom of 2 amazing boys, a wife and a retired Flight Attendant. I was in the airline industry for 32 years.

Life was  non stop for me. I am no stranger to long hours of shift type work, eating and training while traveling, juggling clients with my own training, business and the needs of my family. I still make time a few times a week to PREP eat whole food meals. I have also competed in several fitness competitions and I have prepped for several professional photoshoots in the past 12 years.  I hope that I can help inspire others to realize how much they are truly capable of achieving, anything that they set their mind too.

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