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Photo PREP is a division of Cheryl Young Lifestyle. It is the more advanced side of my Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching Program. It was created to empower all of my clients, especially women to strive for physical and mental strength to get them through a disciplined structured goal.



Fitness Photoshoot

This goal of being in a Professional Photoshoot is to celebrate your success after prepping for a series of months with nutrition, training and recovery. The bonus aside from your beautiful sculpted transformation will be all that you will learn about yourself mentally and physically throughout the process.

This program is to help you to become more confident and active by achieving a fitness related goal. This program is to help you completely transform your body and mindset. Then to capture that transformation by doing a professional fitness photoshoot. This journey is about so much more than just losing weight. It is essentially about building your courage, confidence and above all the highest level of self-care.


By participating and joining YOUNG Lifestyle - Photo PREP the end result will be you in the healthiest and best shape you can ever be in. All programming is designed for your physique goals and food preferences. No corner is cut in your Photo PREP programming.

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